Finished all of Roller Coaster Tycoon's original scenarios and looking for a new challenge? Below you'll find my first custom scenario for RCT3, a little place I like to call...

Queasy Canyon
A small town in the south-western U.S. is desperate to attract more tourists. If only they can win the VIP endorsement of Cami O, it will put their amusement park on the map. The screen legend enjoys thrilling rides, but is suffering from a weak stomach due to recent treatments at the rehab centre. Can you help the townsfolk build exciting coasters that won't cause Cami O to 'refund' what she eats at the concession stands?

Download: Queasy Canyon custom scenario (334KB zip file).
Or download: Queasy Canyon sample park if you just want to ride cool coasters.

If you decide to try the scenario, you'll find Queasy Canyon is a moderately large park with plenty of space to arrange rides, but also some interesting scenery to wind your custom coasters around. Here are some screenshots to show what you've got to work with.

The Sante Fe train ride starts from town and circles the park,
providing a peaceful way to enjoy the western style scenery.

The cliff faces and water of the canyon provide interesting opportunities for the imaginative coaster designer.

A nightime shot of the train station in town.

One coaster, the 'Canyon Carver', is supplied with the scenario.

Another shot of the 'Canyon Carver'. It has the high excitment level and low nausea needed to satisfy Cami O, but she'll want to ride a second coaster - your coaster!

A night shot of one of the ranches outside town. The Sante Fe looks like a ghost train in this lighting, but it's just because of the grey paint.

Empty land outside of town, just waiting for your touch to
bring it to life.

An overall view of the scenario's park.

The main challenge of Queasy Canyon is to create coasters with an excitment rating of more than 6.8, but a nausea rating under 2. The 'Canyon Carver' supplied with the scenario shows it can be done, but you may find hitting those targets will take some experimentation and re-building while creating your own coasters.

You can download the Queasy Canyon custom scenario from here. (334KB zip file) Included in the archive is a ReadMe file that explains how to install and use the scenario with RCT3, plus tips on completing it. I hope you enjoy playing Queasy Canyon as much as I did creating it!

Below is a sample park created while testing the Queasy Canyon scenario. Included are four coasters that meet the scenario's requirements: the Blue Rattler, the Canyon Carver, the Grass Snake, and the Purple Thriller.

An overall view of the park. There are numerous rides in addition to four coasters highlighted.

Here's the Blue Rattler cresting a hill as the Sante Fe chuggs along below. Ratings: Excitement=7.48, Nausea=1.91

Hard to see here, but the Purple Thriller goes inside the barn on the right. Ratings: Excitement=6.83, Nausea=1.94

The Grass Snake also slips into a barn, as well as twisting above and below the entrance building. Ratings: Excitement=6.81, Nausea=1.61

The Canyon Carver comes with the base scenario as well as the sample park. Ratings: Excitement=7.38, Nausea=1.94

If you would like to ride these coasters, click to download the Queasy Canyon sample park here. (761KB zip file) The archive contains a ReadMe file which explains how to install and use the park.