Concept Art

Lost Via Domus includes 17 bonus shots of the gameís concept art. Normally these are unlocked by taking photos in-game of various special objects. This includes shots at two locations, the Pearl station and the Staff or medical station, which are not directly accessible.

But for those of you who havenít been able to get all the required shots, or who donít intend to play the game at all, youíll find the concept art below. Some of it is kinda cool, and if youíre a connoisseur of Lost trivia, itís required viewing.

The cave where you find the compass.
(click thumbnail to see full size images)

Shark tank at the Hydra station.

The unopened hatch.

The final sprint down to your boat before
the Others reach it first.

Rico's pawn shop.

Not sure if this is supposed to be just inland from
the camp on the beach, or an unknown river.

Another room in the Hydra station with cages and
one of those pesky polar bears.

Jungle location with some debris from the plane crash.

The huge electromagnetic foozle.

Shoreline probably near the camp.

Swampy jungle, kind of like what you go through
when running from ol' Smokey.

Part of the Dark Territory.

Top deck of the Black Rock.

Survivors' camp on the beach.

A couple of jungle or Dark Territory sketches.

Interior views of the Black Rock.

More jungle.

Now that I think about it, itís rather surprising that there arenít 16 bonus shots, or maybe 23.

My thanks to SubSane for a very useful Via Domus walkthrough. It was based on the Xbox 360 version, but worked well for the PC game too. You can pick it up from GamesRadar here.