The Movies is a enjoyable blend of tycoon game and movie-making package. While its video editing features may not compare with Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas, it doesn't cost hundreds of dollars either.

Below are some short movies I've put together using the game.

Where Turkeys Dare (2:22 min)

Sarge & Billy are pinned down by German fire. But does it really matter? This was my first attempt at using the game's advanced movie editor. A propaganda film designed to convince a WW2-game-loving-friend to buy his own copy of The Movies. It worked.

The small 'online' version of the movie loses a lot of detail. But to get significantly better requires using the 'highest' recording quality level, which creates a huge file. I haven't found a middle ground yet, but hopefully some tweaking of the game will provide a better compromise.

Unofficial Oblivion Teaser (6:57 min)

While waiting for the RPG game Oblivion to appear, I decided to make a little teaser video. It may not make much sense if you didn't follow all the pre-release hype for the game. Heck, it may not make much sense anyway! Just be forewarned that there are lots of in-jokes.

This was my first experiment with using blue-screen footage created in The Movies and overlaying it on top of another game's screens and promotional videos. I used Adobe Premiere Elements to assemble all the bits and to add the voice, music, and sound effect tracks.

It was my first attempt at using voice-overs too. Thanks to "Ninja Don" for multiple voice parts. Also thanks to ZebraHDH for the "Star Trekker" costumes and to Knightfell for the ChromaKey Stage set.

If you're interested in this sort of thing, also check out my Agent Peep video created with RollerCoaster Tycoon 3.

If you have any comments, please contact me via email at this address:
Klinn--AT--Designamatic--DOT--com, or you can leave me a message on Lionhead's The Movie Forums. My user name is 'Klinn'.