Even though it was released way back in 1998, Grand Prix Legends is still a remarkable simulation of racing car dynamics. Over the years, Papyrus has supported GPL by creating many patches that allow it to work with DirectX and today's faster systems.

These days GPL's graphics look rather dated. After all, it was designed to run on machines much slower than today's powerhouses. But the modding community has developed some amazing updates. The cars released by GPLEA are a dramatic improvment over the originals.

If you click on the thumbnail pictures below, you'll see the original GPL cars compared to the GPLEA versions. In order to show the details, these are fairly large images. Be patient if you are on a dialup connection.

Group shot of the Ferrari, Lotus, and Honda.
(click thumbnail to see full size images)

The back end of the Lotus.

Yes, the cockpits have been substantially improved too.

One more group shot, this time of the Brabham,
Lotus, and Eagle.

If you have a slower computer, adding these cars may cause a drop in frame rates. But GPLEA provides many variations of their cars to help minimize this. For example, you can use 2D wheel faces instead of the 3D models.

You can download these terrific cars from the GPLEA Site.