An amazing variety of movies have been created by enthusiatic fans of Roller Coaster Tycoon 3. Some of the best are available on Bitter Jeweler's site. More can be found in Atari's RCT3 Exchange Forum. Such impressive work inspired me to try my hand at a little video too.

Agent Peep Infiltrates Dr. Death's Island Lair

This video is a tribute to all the cheesy things we love about old spy movies. A park was specially built to provide the setting for the movie. It isn't intended to have a storyline exactly, but rather to capture the feel and style of the spy movie genre, complete with car chases, diving off cliffs, mysterious submarine bases, and the evil villain's excessively complex hi-tech lair.

After experimenting with JonWil's RCT3 Importer to create some custom walls and roofs, I used them to create buildings for the ElectroShock coaster. There are a few other custom bits, including electrical posts. These feature custom fireworks to produce the 'electrical charge' effects. The custom wall set, including a few new items, can be downloaded from this page.

Bubble Bath Coaster
- Large version (19.8 MB)

This video was the result of my first experiments with JonWil's RCT3 Importer. I created some simple custom scenery objects, the 'bubbles' clustered above a giant bathtub, and the coaster passes right through them. There are also a couple of brief night shots, showing how the custom scenery objects are illuminated by point light sources.