You've seen the movie, now ride the rides! Follow in Agent Peep's footsteps and explore...
Dr. Death's Island Lair
Download the park here (545KB zip file)

This island was built specifically for the filming of "Agent Peep", but it was also designed with the hope that it would turn out to be an enjoyable amusement park too. To give you a taste of what you'll find, here are screenshots of various locations around the park.

An overall look at the park. Guests enter at the dock at the lower-right before deciding which way to go along the Main Promenade.

The Main Promenade at night. There's a variety of rides to tempt peeps before they head off to the main attractions.

River Run is designed to give the feeling of careening down a fast moving jungle river. Watch out for the waterfall near the end!

Take off from this air field on the Jet Fighter ride, twisting and diving through narrow valleys.

Chase the villians' vehicles over winding roads, then relax in the Pit Stop facilities to compare lap times.

Take an underwater ride beginning here at Dr. Death's submarine base. Watch out for sharks!

Reaching the ride building for the 'Volcano Velocity' roller coaster requires a bit of a climb, but there are refreshment stands along the way.

Once up at the ride building, you have a commanding view of this side of the island.

After twisting you around, the Volcano Velocity coaster will take you up and over the lip of an extinct volcano.

Buried in the volcano is Dr. Death's Lair, and the roller coaster will send you plunging right down into it!

One of my favorite shots - the air base at night. RCT3 can turn out some pretty nice screenshots.

A final panoramic overview of the park created from two screenshots. Yes, there are a lot of trees and bushes, all carefully planted by hand.

One caution: this park is very demanding of computer power. With my average-level 3GHz system, I only get about 10 - 15 frames per second. At night, this dips into the single digits. And that's with the park closed. Once opened, it quickly attracts over 1000 peeps and the frame rate slips to 7 or 8 FPS. Lots of AI calculations going on I suspect. Surprisingly enough, the large quantity of foliage did not seem to affect the FPS too much. I also notice a fair amount of lag when opening a ride's information panel to make adjustments.

I recommend that you keep the park closed at first, look around and ride the coasters in test mode. Once you've enjoyed the sights on your own, then open the park and let the peeps flood in. The rate frame will suffer, but you can see how they react to the park.

To see this island in action, check out my "Agent Peep" video. To download the park, click here (545KB zip file). It comes with simple instructions describing how to use it in the game.