Do you play RCT3 on a Mac?

My custom scenery for RCT3 is packaged in a Windows style installer, which does you folks no good at all. Iíve made my scenery available in another format suitable for Mac players, but first a word of caution.

The reason I switched to an installer-type package for custom scenery is simple. It reduced the number of support emails and PMs I had to answer by 90%. The vast majority of those were from people who, despite my best attempts to provide detailed instructions, put the scenery files in the wrong place. Their RCT3 froze up or they got the dreaded "No SVD for SID" error. The setup-installer took care of all that automatically.

If you are running RCT3 on a Windows machine, please, please, use the regular setup installers youíll find on my pages for the Electroshock set and Frameworks set. If you choose to use the files below and things donít work, I may not be able to help you. There are several threads and a lot of advice in Atariís RCT3 Exchange forum describing how to install custom scenery.

Have fun and I hope you enjoy them!

If you have any comments or concerns, please contact me via email at this
address: Klinn--at--Designamatic--dot--com, or you can leave me a message
on the Atari RCT3 Forums. My user name is 'Klinn'.