(Last Update: Aug 10, 2004 - Bethesda GridIron Ad)

You know you've been modding Morrowind too long when...

You're travelling through the countryside and you just have to stop and take a photo of this:

OK, I confess. Besides changing the phone numbers to protect the innocent, there also was an 'L' at the end of name that I erased from the photo. But that's just further proof of how deep this modding sickness runs! [grin]

(More trivia for graphic design students: Remember when you were taught to limit the number of font styles used in an ad/flyer/whatever? Well, take a look at that sign and count all the different faces. Even the phone numbers are different!)

Digging around in my old Amiga magazines, I was surprised to see an advertisement from a familiar company:

This is from "Amazing Computing" Vol.2 No.1, which I believe was January 1987. Not being a football fan, regrettably I didn't buy the game and can't offer any screen shots. Now this is what the world of Morrowind is missing - team sports!