'73 Firebird Formula Muscle D Setup

Here's the setup I used for the '73 Firebird Formula in my Muscle D Comparison at the Goose Point circuit. It is exactly the same as the one I used for the regular Firebird. The car was good for a 5:14.93 in that testing. Typically I run about 1/2 second faster. A couple of weeks ago I even managed a 5:12.25 but it seems the Hot Lap Angel has not visited me since.

The Formula was about 4-1/2 seconds quicker than the regular Firebird. It felt more stable, more willing to turn into corners. If you're after a place on the Goose Point top ten list, this is the car to have. Just be prepared to pay a hefty premium for it. For regular racing the ordinary Firebird is good enough - driving skill counts too!

The rear end is overly strong and heavy just for D class, but occasionally I drop in a stronger motor and run in B or SD class.

  WheelsAluminum Alloy
  TiresYokohama 345/50/16 Front, 345/45/17 Rear
  ShocksXHD 0.40 Front & Rear
  Springs150lbs Front, 300lbs Rear
  Sway Bars80nm Front, 270nm Rear
  Traction BarsAnti-Hop Bar Rear
  Spoilers125 Front, 125 Rear
  Engine BlockChevy 400 SB
  CamshaftPerformer RPM
  CarburetorDominator 2300 2V 400cfm
  Connecting RodsRaven Maxi-Light 93
  Cooling SystemChevy Small Block Standard
  CrankshaftRaven Ultra-Light
  Cylinder HeadPerformer 9.25
  Electrical SystemGM Std Dual Point
  Exhaust ManifoldRumble Pipe Headers
  Intake ManifoldEdlebrock Perf RPM
  Lubrication SystemBully HD
  PistonsWedge Top 0.25
  ValvetrainChevy Solid Lifter
  Exhaust Pipes Hooker Performance Dual
  Final DriveGM 12-Bolt 3.73
  TransmissionBorg-Warner T-10Y
  Weight3452 lbs
  Torque474 lb/ft
  0-60 Time4.2 sec
  Top Speed150 mph
  Roll Rate1.8
  Understeer Bias0.22
  Goose Point Time5:14.93