'67 Chevelle Muscle D Setup

Here's the setup I used for the '67 Chevelle in my Muscle D Comparison at the Goose Point circuit. It ran a 5:32.65 time. It's a very easy car to drive, with no real vices, but it just isn't very fast. Some of the engine parts are a little weird - it came from Muscle Mike's that way.

  WheelsKelsey-Hayes Near Magnum
  TiresYokohama 345/45/17 Front & Rear
  ShocksXHD 0.40 Front & Rear
  Springs180lbs Front, 300lbs Rear
  Sway Bars160nm Front, 280nm Rear
  Traction BarsNone
  Spoilers200 Front, 210 Rear
  Engine BlockChevy 350 SB
  Camshaft57 Corvette Camshaft
  CarburetorAutolite 4300 4V 600cfm
  Connecting RodsLunati Street Race
  Cooling SystemBuick Nailhead Std
  CrankshaftChevy Stock
  Cylinder HeadChevy Lrg Valve Wdge 11.25
  Electrical SystemPerf Single Point
  Exhaust ManifoldQuaker Jet Stream Headers
  Intake ManifoldChevy Aluminum
  Lubrication SystemPontiac Perf
  PistonsC & B Domed 0.1
  ValvetrainQuik Lift Perf SOlid
  Exhaust PipesManley 1.625" Forged Steel Dual
  Final DriveDana 3.55 Locking
  TransmissionChevy 4-Spd Manual High
  Weight3505 lbs
  Torque469 lb/ft
  0-60 Time4.2 sec
  Top Speed141 mph
  Roll Rate2.4
  Understeer Bias0.19
  Goose Point Time5:32.65