'66 Pontiac GTO Muscle D Setup

Here is the setup I used for the '66 GTO in my Muscle D Comparison at the Goose Point circuit. In this trim, the car turned a 5:30.28. You'll note it has ordinary steel wheels. In combination with the understated dark green paint, this GTO is a 'sleeper' with which to surprise over-enthusiastically-driven Mustangs and Firebirds.

Yes, it's a horrible crime to put a Ford engine in a GTO, but it was all I had lying around the shop at the time.

  TiresYokohama 335/45/VR17 Front & Rear
  ShocksXHD 0.40 Front & Rear
  Springs220lbs Front, 300lbs Rear
  Sway Bars70nm Front, 280nm Rear
  Traction BarsNone
  Spoilers190 Front, 230 Rear
  Engine BlockFord 302 SB
  CamshaftCrane PowerMax
  CarburetorRochester 4G 4V 600cfm
  Connecting RodsRaven Maxi-Light
  Cooling SystemUS Radiator Stock
  CrankshaftNewcomb Street Max
  Cylinder HeadFord Wedge 10.0
  Electrical SystemFord Std Single Point
  Exhaust ManifoldQuaker Interceptor
  Intake ManifoldEdlebrock Torker
  Lubrication SystemFord Stock Small Block
  PistonsJE Domed 0.75
  ValvetrainQuik Lift Race Roller
  Exhaust PipesManley 2" Cast Iron Dual
  Final DriveDana 4.33 Locking
  TransmissionBorg-Warner T-10W Spec
  Weight3630 lbs
  Torque364 lb/ft
  0-60 Time5.1 sec
  Top Speed150 mph
  Roll Rate2.6
  Understeer Bias0.21
  Goose Point Time5:30.28