'65 Mustang Muscle D Setup

Here is the setup I used for the '65 Mustang in my Muscle D Comparison at the Goose Point circuit. I was able to complete the two-lap run in 5:24.65. No doubt switching to 345/45/17 tires would bring that time down by about a second, but they are pretty pricey at the moment. You might also want to try a 302 small block engine instead of the 351 CB I used.

  WheelsAluminum Alloy Front & Rear
  TiresYokohama 335/45/VR17 Front & Rear
  ShocksXHD 0.40 Front & Rear
  Springs230lbs Front, 280lbs Rear
  Sway Bars280nm Rear Only
  Traction BarsNone
  Spoilers50 Front, 230 Rear
  Engine BlockFord CB 351
  CamshaftOldfield New Boss
  CarburetorAutolite 2100 2V 424cfm
  Connecting RodsNewcomb SuperMax
  Cooling SystemUS Radiator Stock
  CrankshaftDuro Rod Lightweight
  Cylinder HeadFord HO HP 9.2
  Electrical SystemFord Std Single Point
  Exhaust ManifoldOldfield Street King
  Intake ManifoldOldfield Perf Dual Plane
  Lubrication SystemBully HD
  PistonsFord Stock
  ValvetrainMilloy Super Lift Solid
  Exhaust PipesManley 1.75" Aluminum Alloy Dual
  Final DriveDana 60 4.1
  TransmissionChevy 4-Spd Manual High
  Weight2824 lbs
  Torque334 lb/ft
  0-60 Time4.0 sec
  Top Speed143 mph
  Roll Rate2.1
  Understeer Bias0.29
  Goose Point Time5:24.65